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An innovative new way to run and operate your Pro-Shop, courtside and without permanent staffing

Every Club Deserves The Best

the future of automated retail is here and your club
can be one of the first ones to be part of this revolution

Who is it for?

Sportbox is for for any club or community with enough courts for Pickleball or tennis that would warrant a pro-shop, IF it were not for the high cost of staffing the facility. Sportbox solves this problem by giving your members full access to a 'smart' cabinet. The cabinet automatically tracks the inventory and charges the customer who unlocked it with our LOVA mobile app or credit card.

Sportbox Offered a whole range of automation


retail cabinet

This revolutionary pro-shop in a box concept had its debut in Europe over two years ago. Since then it has been successfully installed at hundreds of clubs and is being installed at a rapid pace every month. 

In 2021 it was first introduced at the US Open Pickleball in Naples, FL and was enthusiastically embraced by the audience. 

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Smart Cooler

sportbox nutrition

In its line of automated solutions for the sport retail industry, Sportbox is offering this unique ‘smart’ cooler. Customers can access the full open inventory by unlocking the cooler via our LOVA mobile app or by simply inserting their credit card. 

Once the cooler is unlocked, customers open the cooler like their refrigerator at home and can take out freely of what they would like to purchase. The coolers sensors and cameras keep accurate track of the removed inventory and automatically insert the items into the shopping cart on the user interface. Customers close the door, confirm the purchase and enjoy the refreshments.

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unattended pro-shop

This one of a kind solution allows a club or community pro-shop to be open for business 24/7 if so desired with almost no staffing requirements. 

Customers unlock the store via our LOVA mobile app. Once in the store they are using their phones to scan the items they would like to purchase. Before leaving the store they confirm their purchase in the app and leave the store.

Customers are being made aware that all actions within the store are being captured by smart cameras.

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Three reasons why Sportbox is Right for your club

Extending Store Hours


The club is not only reducing labor cost to an absolut minimum but at the same time is extending the store hours to 24/7 if the club so decides. 



Customers open the cabinet with their own phone by scanning a QR code. The full inventory is available to them to choose without the interaction of store personnel. Checkout is contactless by simply confirming on their phone the purchase.



Sportbox cabinets can easily be linked together to increase the inventory offering to any amount. As always there is only a one time investment for the hardware and the labor savings will go on forever. 

Let your customers decide...

Once customers have experienced the frictionless experience of shopping on their own terms, they will not only become loyal to the store but will certainly tell their friends about this unique experience. 

Through the Lova app the pro-shop has a direct channel of communication with the customer to build and tailor the service to the exact need of the community.

Customize the inventory

Sportbox is easily adjustable to hold a wide range of products. Merchandising can be done by any person without much training. Simply log in as a merchandiser by using the merchandiser app, stock the product into the shelves according to the instructions on the screen, close the door and done….

To download a PDF brochure about Sportbox solutions, please follow the link below

Or scan the QR code to the right with your mobile phone to download the PDF version of the brochure to your mobile device.

Roddy Cantey from Sportbox is showing the Scan&GO solution

Sportbox launch at the US Open, CBS clip

Let us know if you have any questions. If you know of any location that would benefit of having a Sportbox, we are happy to hear from you.

    Sportbox is beginning to roll out in South-West Florida

    Check back frequently for updated locations

    Naples Grande

    Naples Grande is one of the first locations. Come on by and check it out

    Valencia del Sol

    Sportbox is easily accessible 24/7 and conveniently located next to the courts.

    Valencia Bonita

    Sportbox is easily accessible 24/7 and conveniently located next to the courts.

    Valencia del Sol

    Sportbox is easily accessible 24/7 and conveniently located next to the courts.